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This is Express Logistics

Express Logistics works with third party logistics. As a third party logistics company we handle our customer’s storage and logistics. We cooperate with our customers in order to achieve optimal logistical solutions using IT-systems as a key-factor.

We consider ourselves to be a comprehensive supplier of logistics, taking care of both the information and physical flow.

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Customer Case Examples


TelecomX works with telecom products and currently has around 300 customers in Sweden and 150 customers in Denmark and Norway. The company’s sales team is currently composed of three employees in Sweden and one each in Denmark and Norway.

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This satellite television company offers subscriptions of digital television to customers in Scandinavia. Through different direct sales channels the company sells more than 100 000 subscriptions per year in Sweden alone.

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Supplyonline is the one stop solution for Express Logistics customers. By using the Supplyonline system, Express Logistics customers, and their customers have access to the logistic tools. The tools are created to support the 3PL customer with all information needed for orders, stock and invoicing.

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